Activities & Brochure

Please browse through the Lookout Mountain Camp Brochure below (available by mail as well) to learn more about this great Summer Camp for Boys...it's history, activities and  philosophy.  LMC is a place where a boy can be a boy...a very private paradise on top of beautiful Lookout Mountain unobstructed by life's daily troubles...where your son can learn and grow; become self confident and become his own advocate...all while having the time of his life!

The LMC brochure below lists various Activities that are available for your son while he attends camp. In addition, there are other Activities that are not listed. For instance, because of our proximity and the location of our Camp, we are able to offer some exciting off-campus Field Trips in nearby areas. Older Campers participate in our "Ranger Program" which is a first-aid and educational camping program that includes a three day hike in the Great Smoky Mountains (including a night spent at the Mt. LeConte Lodge...located at the highest point in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park). Other off-site camping is available for younger campers. We also offer white water rafting on both the Ocoee and Nantahala rivers. 

LMC is a very unique experience that cannot be found in the Church, Home or School.  For instance, when boys come to live together at LMC, they learn how people live and think and operate.  If they witness an altercation (large or small) at school, at the end of the day, he simply comes home.  At LMC, he goes back to his cabin and lives with the very people involved.  It becomes apparent to him that words and actions are important...that feelings can get hurt...or helped..., and then the word "Sportsmanship" becomes more than just a word, it becomes a character trait....and all of this without a lecture.  LMC has been around a long, long time...and even today, we will find older alumni who...consistently...say "those were the greatest summers of my life!"  

Let your son come find out why!

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