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Lookout Mountain Camp has Alumni dating back to 1928. This includes both Campers and Staff.  We delight in hearing from the many varied people who love to tell us stories of how LMC has touched their life.  Stories about old friendships or perhaps fond, lifelong memories of someone you haven't seen since you were here. 

With this website, we will be reaching out to all Alumni...young and old...and we would love to receive your stories, old photos you may have from when you were here, other momentos (remember the patches that were sewn onto the white jackets?) or items that you may have crafted in the wood shop or leather shop. Remember the Archery Bows made from lemon wood in the woodshop and the cedar lamps carved out on the lathe...or the tin ash trays hammered from the wooden molds? 

We also anticipate developing a more comprehensive alumni page where not only are we able to keep you informed of any Alumni activities we may be offering (Alunmi Weekend at LMC!)...but also a format so that you can communicate with those people with whom you spent time...  whether it's a friend from your cabin or a Counselor who made such an impression on you that you won't ever forget it.
All of us who have come to this camp know that Lookout Mountain Camp is an experience that lasts a lifetime. "Those were the greatest summers of my life"...is a quote we continue to hear throughout the years.   Now, you will have a way to make that experience even better! Please find below a contact sheet. If you'd like for us to add you to the Alumni list, all you have to do is send it in!

LMC Alumni Information

Please send the following information to Lookout Mountain Camp by completing the form below and submitting it. Make sure to include your email address. Once this is completed, we will verify with our records and place you on the Alumni Information List and send out updates and announcements via email as they occur.
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